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Joan Limon

Signs of Life Associate Producer, Off-Broadway

Former President, Amas Musical Theatre, NYC

If there is the equivalent of a Tony Award for best music direction and videography of a virtual musical drama it definitely belongs on your mantel.

Bill J. Adams, D.M.A.

Associate Professor/ Coordinator of Performing Arts 

Halmos College of Arts and Sciences

Nova Southeastern University

Working with Fantel Music (Caryl and Roy) is always a pleasure. Their work is exceptional in terms of quality, skill, and organization. Running a collegiate performance program is an important challenge and when the Fantels are asked to help, it makes my job more efficient and, most importantly, more effective for student artistic development. I give the Fantels my highest recommendation! 

Avi Hoffman


Yiddishkayt Initiative

The Fantels’ work on Stars of David and Signs of Life was above and beyond anything I imagined initially. The final products were stunning and the response to both projects has been overwhelmingly positive.

Desmond Gallant

Associate Professor of Theatre
Department of Theatre and Dance
Florida Atlantic University

Caryl Fantel and Roy Fantel do fantastic work in the world of remote  production. They have developed a remote rehearsal and production process that resulted in an excellent final performance product. This feat was even more remarkable considering the variety of recording devices and locations used by the performers and the subsequent quality variance of their recordings.

Diana Focas

Theatre Director

Coral Glades High School

I owe huge thanks to Caryl and Roy Fantel for making our production of

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change exceed my wildest dreams. This production would not have reached the caliber it did without their experience and creative guidance throughout this new frontier of virtual performance.

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