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 Our teaching philosophy is simple: A strong foundation enables students to reach their goals.


Whether teaching beginning or advanced students, Roy has the experience and patience required to make sure everyone is getting what they need to achieve what they want. Each student's individual learning style is taken into consideration to avoid a "cookie cutter" studio.


Roy's home studio offers everything from traditional drumset to classical percussion such as xylophone, bells, and timpani. Lots of hand percussion is also available to expose young and not-so-young students alike to the many different percussion instruments required of drum and percussion students and professionals.

"The percussion lessons that my son has with Roy are excellent! His knowledge, insights and easy-going personality are a great fit for any student."


Making music is a joy that can last a lifetime. Caryl offers piano lessons and vocal coaching for students of all ages and abilities. She also offers tutoring in music theory, and provides live and recorded accompaniment for singers and instrumentalists for competitions, auditions and adjudications. Many of her students intend to pursue -- or are pursuing -- professional performance careers; others simply enjoy making music. It's all about the journey.

With a BA in Music and Theatre, a Certificate of Specialized Study in Piano, certificates from the Piano Pedagogy Institute at Columbia University and the Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Vocal Pedagogy Institute at Shenandoah University, plus decades of experience working with musical theatre performers, Caryl enjoys sharing her expertise in piano, accompanying, and coaching musical performers for professional, community and college musical theatre auditions and performances, as well as high school thespian and instrumental competitions. 

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"My daughter walked out of your last lesson so happy and told me you make her feel confident. "



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